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11 May 2017 by Victor Coisne

Moby Summit at DockerCon 2017-05-11

Moby Summit videos from DockerCon

Last month at DockerCon, Solomon introduced the Moby Project: a new open-source project to advance the software containerization movement. The idea behind the project is to help the ecosystem take containers mainstream by providing a library of components, a framework for assembling them into custom container-based systems and a place for all container enthusiasts to experiment and exchange ideas. Going forward, Docker will be assembled using Moby, see Moby and Docker or the diagram below for more details.

alt text

Knowing that that a good number of maintainers, contributors and advanced Docker users would be attending DockerCon, we decided to organize the first Moby Summit in collaboration with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The summit was a small collaborative event for container hackers who are actively maintaining, contributing or generally involved or interested in the design and development of components of the Moby project library in particular: LinuxKit, containerd, Infrakit, SwarmKit, libnetwork and Notary

Here’s what we covered during the first part of the summit:

  • 0:05 - Opening words by Patrick Chanezon

  • 9:05 - Moby Project Q&A with Solomon Hykes and Justin Cormack

  • 60:14 - Quick update on containerd by Michael Crosby

Here’s what we covered during the 2nd part of the summit:

  • 0:18 - Swarmkit update by Andrea Luzzardi

  • 7:52 - Libnetwork update by Madhu Venugopal

  • 16:27 - Notary update by David Lawrence

  • 19:59 - InfraKit update by David Chung

  • 36:39- Infinit update by Julien Quintard

  • 49:09 - MirageOS by Mindy Preston

The 3rd part of the summit consisted in birds of feather session around each components of the Moby Project library. This was a perfect opportunity for maintainers and contributors to discuss open issues, pull requests and roadmap as you can see below. alt text

Learn more about the Moby Project: