Moby Summit June 2017 Recap

Moby Summit at Docker headquarter

Moby Summit Intro

On June 19 2017, 90 members of the Moby community gathered at Docker headquarter in San Francisco for the second Moby Summit. This was an opportunity for the community to discuss the progress and future of the Moby project, two months after it was announced.

We started the day with an introduction by Solomon Hykes, and a look at the website redesign: the Moby project website now has a blog, an event calendar, a list of projects, and a community page with links to various community resources. The website code is open source, issues and PRs to write guest blog posts or enhance it are welcome.

Then each team gave an update on their progress: Linuxkit, containerd, InfraKit, SwarmKit and LibNetwork, as well as the three new Moby Special Interest Groups, Linuxkit Security, Security Scanning & Notary and Orchestration Security. All these talks have been recorded and you can find the videos and slides below.

In the afternoon, we split into 5 Birds Of Feathers (BOF) sessions: runc/containerd, LinuxKit, InfraKit, Security, and Security Scanning. You can find links to the BOF Notes at the end of this post.

We ended the day with a recap of the BOF sessions, and some beer.

Moby Summit Introduction

Slides: Moby Summit Introduction

LinuxKit Update

Slides: LinuxKit update

containerd Update

InfraKit Update

Slides: Infrakit update

SwarmKit update

Swarm Proxy is a program for managing Docker Swarm services behind a reverse proxy. It uses the Docker events stream to monitor for services being created and removed, and then uses Swarm Configs to update a reverse proxy service to correctly route traffic to those services. It is stateless.

Libnetwork update

Slides: Libnetwork update

Security Update

Finally, the Docker security team gave the update on the following topics:

Slides: LinuxKit Security and container container scanning with Notary

Slides: Orchestration security

BOF Summary Notes

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